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Article: What to Wear to: The Rocket Mortgage Classic

What to Wear to: The Rocket Mortgage Classic

What to Wear to: The Rocket Mortgage Classic

Attending the Rocket Mortgage Classic in Detroit? Elevate your style on the greens with the perfect women’s golf apparel that combines elegance, comfort, and protection. This year, make a statement by sporting chic pieces from The Garde, a beloved Detroit-based brand known for its sophisticated, breathable, and sun-protective clothing. Here's how to dress stylishly and sensibly for the event, featuring specific pieces from The Garde that are designed to keep you looking and feeling cool throughout the day.

Why Choose The Garde for Golf Apparel?

When you’re following the action at the Detroit Golf Club, wearing the right apparel is key to enjoying your day. The Garde offers an exceptional range of women's golf clothing that includes the Sofia Polo, Kelly Shorts, Claire Tank, Gretta Skirt, and Jane Skirt. Not only do these pieces boast stylish designs that reflect modern trends, but they are also crafted from breathable fabric with UV 50+ protection, making them ideal for a long day under the sun.

Featured Pieces from The Garde

  • The Sofia Polo: A must-have in any golfer’s wardrobe, the Sofia Polo is tailored for comfort and movement. Its breathable fabric keeps you cool, while the UV 50+ protection ensures you're shielded from harmful rays. Pair it with the Gretta Skirt for a classic look, or choose the Kelly Shorts for a sportier vibe. The puff sleeve detail gives you a playful look. 


  • The Kelly Shorts: These shorts are a perfect blend of style and functionality. Designed with comfort in mind, the Kelly Shorts offer freedom of movement and a flattering fit. The breathable, UV-protective fabric makes them an excellent choice for sunny days on the course.


  • The Claire Tank: For those hotter days, the Claire Tank offers a lighter option without compromising on protection or style. Its sleek design and moisture-wicking fabric ensure you stay dry and comfortable, making it an ideal top to wear under a light jacket or on its own.


  • The Gretta Skirt and Jane Skirt: Both skirts are designed with the active golfer in mind. The breathable fabric and built-in UV protection make them perfect for the outdoors. Choose the Jane Skirt for a more traditional A-line cut or the Gretta Skirt for a sleeker silhouette with the same great protection and comfort.

How to Style These Pieces for the Rocket Mortgage Classic

When assembling your outfit for the golf tournament, consider layering the Claire Tank with the Jane Skirt for a modern, sporty look that will keep you cool and protected. Alternatively, pair the Sofia Polo with the Kelly Shorts for a traditional golf ensemble that is both comfortable and chic.

Complete your look with practical accessories such as a wide-brimmed hat and UV-protective sunglasses to enhance your sun protection. A stylish yet functional bag will keep your essentials like sunscreen and water handy throughout the day.

Supporting Detroit's Local Economy

Choosing The Garde not only elevates your golf apparel but also supports Detroit’s local economy. Wearing Detroit-based designs at the Rocket Mortgage Classic shows your appreciation for the craftsmanship and innovation of local businesses while enjoying the tournament.

Dressing well for the Rocket Mortgage Classic means choosing outfits that are as functional as they are fashionable. With The Garde’s stylish and practical pieces, you’re set to enjoy the event with confidence and comfort. Remember, when you choose The Garde, you’re not just looking good — you’re also wearing the heart and soul of Detroit in every thread.

Whether you're a seasoned golf spectator or a first-timer, these outfit suggestions will ensure you look your best at one of the PGA Tour’s most exciting stops. Ready to tee off in style?

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